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BeBi Treasures

Spy Counter-spy

Spy Counter-spy

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Author: Popov, Dusko

Edition: First Edition

Number Of Pages: 272

Release Date: 01-12-1975

Details: This book is about the top Nazi master spy (and British counter spy) of WW II. "James Bond" faced fictional dangers, Dusko Popov faced the real danger of the Nazi Gestapo. The book lacks an index and a table of contents, but is exceptionally well written. I think this book is British Security Coordination's posthumous revenge on J. Edgar Hoover. It first revealed the circumstances of his encounter with Hoover and the Nazi interest in Pearl Harbor. Chapter 1 tells of his education in Freiburg University, and his arrest by the Gestapo. It was a lesson in terror: his friends pretended to barely know him, professors who previously praised him now slandered him. His father's influence saved him, but he was banned from Germany. DP was not bothered previously; he was a crack shot with the pistol. His method was to use his middle finger on the trigger and his index finger along the barrel as a pointer (p.9). DP was met by an old friend who offered him a business deal, then recruited him into the Abwehr. DP then talked to a member of the British Embassy, and became a double agent. He had a photographic memory, but it faded away (p.87). Pages 90-91 tell of the code words used to arrange meetings. Nobody should claim that all the German people accepted Hitler willingly; there would have been no Gestapo (p.105). Chapter 14 tells of his visit to New York. His audience with J. Edgar Hoover showed Hoover to be not up to standards. Pages 196-204 discuss the attack on Pearl Harbor, after DP notified the FBI of Nazi Germany's interest in this target. He believes "the sinister character" of Hoover was responsible for the failure to transmit the warning in the German Questionnaire (between pages 148-149). ("The Day of Deceit" provides another answer.) The result of all this was to wreck his mission (p.216). When he could not get sanitized information, DP lifted material from newspapers!

Languages: English

Binding: Mass Market Paperback

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