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Saints Row (Platinum Hits)

Saints Row (Platinum Hits)

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Brand: THQ

Edition: Standard


  • Explore an open-world city - Go anywhere and do any of the activities you like in different parts of the city at any time
  • Enter neighborhoods controlled by rival gangs, and come up with ways to take over their turf
  • Thousands of customization options - Customize your own unique look, your clothes, and any car you choose, with the extensive car modification system
  • Listen while you cruise - Twelve radio stations play over 130 tracks, from the hottest hip-hop and rock stations to classical music & talk shows
  • Challenge other players online in gang-fight games like Big Ass Chains, Blinged-Out Ride, or Protect tha Pimp

PartNumber: 752919550021

Release Date: 29-08-2006

Details: Saints' Row is one of the worst neighborhoods in the city of Stilwater - it's also where you grew up. You're tired of being on the bottom of the food chain, so you've decided to make your play. Start out as a member of the 3rd Street Saints, a local gang & work your way up to being king of Saints' Row. Then do what it takes to get the money and build the respect and power you need to muscle your way to the top of Stilwater's gangs. Form gangs, recruit gang members, and compete for cash and respect in a variety of modes including co-op

UPC: 783651523615

EAN: 0752919550021

Model: 752919550021

Languages: English

Binding: Video Game

Item Condition: UsedGood

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